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Harish Chemical Engineering Enterprise, a key player in the market for manufacturing and exporting of high quality Chemicals like Aurmine-O (Basic Yellow-2) (C.I.No:41000), Methyl Violet 2B(Basic Violet - 1) (C.I.No:42535), Methyl Violet (Powder Crystal Base LI Suite) Liquid, Victoria Blue-2B (Powder, Dyes & Base). In consonance with the recent market trends, we have consistently driven the changeover from a purely manufacturing concern to a global service enterprise in the field of supplying chemicals. Our company's main objective is to serve the industries with high quality, reliable and reasonably priced chemicals. Our vision is to be the global leader in chemical sector committed to total customer satisfaction through people, technology and continuous improvement.

Established in 1981, our company has maintained front runner position in the industry with the help of our rich experience and vast knowledge. We specialize in offering chemical products to our clients to address their exact requirements. Our core competency lies in the state-of-the-art manufacturing plants that match the international standards. We are capable of manufacturing large volumes of chemical products to satisfy the customers demands and specifications. We have made our presence increasingly felt in the last two decades and are accredited with the customers across the globe. Ensuring that all our products adhere to high quality standards, we guarantee that each series is offered at the most competitive prices.

Our company is in forefront of attaining excellence in chemical sector through our dedicated Research and Development department, by incorporating latest technological advancements and inputs, available to us through different quarters of international scientific research organizations. We strongly believe in the principle of complete customer satisfaction through business ethics, so we lay special emphasis in providing prompt and efficient post sales service back up to all our patrons. We are backed by our own highly experienced, trained and motivated service professionals to extend our services. Our experts are adequately trained in the entire process of manufacturing and have a keen knowledge of the chemical products we offer to our customers.

Our Beginning

Harish Chemicals stepped in this industry in 1981, on 26 January by Mr. Mukesh Mehta and Mr. Harish Jadawala at Ankleshwar.

It began as a small scale industry and manufactured optical brightening agent.

Soon after, with the help of R&D, it began the production of dyes in 1992 under the supervision of our founders and CEO Mr. Vijay H. Singwala.

Since then, the company has entered into pigments and dyes in both local and international markets.

Our basic range of products comprises Victoria Blue, Rhodamine, Auramine, Methyle Violet, Acid yellow 36, Acid Orange II, Chrysodine, Basic Green 4.

Vat dyes offered by us are Brown RRD, Liquid Basic Violet, Vat Blue 2B, Vat Magenta, Blue 4B, Liquid Matechite Green, Vat Orange, Vat Golden Yellow GK/RK and Vat Pink.

Our Product Range

Our wide spectrum of products includes:

  • Aurmine-O (Basic Yellow-2) (C.I.No:41000)
  • Methyl Violet 2B(Basic Violet - 1) (C.I.No:42535)
  • Methyl Violet (Powder Crystal Base LI Suite) Liquid
  • Victoria Blue-2B (Powder, Dyes & Base)

Quality Assurance

Our exhaustive quality control system consisting of a series of in-house tests, is carried out at each stage of the production cycle. The inspections in the production cycle ranges from constant surveillance of raw materials for intensive analysis to determine their acceptability and to the final examination of the finished products. The process is systematic and fully documented involving several trained personnels and specializes with most advanced tools and equipments. We seek to serve our customers better through Competitive Prices, Better Services and Prompt Deliveries. Owing to unbeatable quality in our offered products, we have carved a distinct edge in the market.

Infrastructural Set up

Our production facilities are equipped with the latest in cutting-edge technology. Incorporating some of the most up-to-date production methods supported by professional team, the company is setting milestones in its sphere of operations. We attribute a substantial part of our success to our infrastructure. Our company has access to all the resources and markets necessary for the complete product supply and marketing. Our infrastructure is what helps us attain formidable success in the industry by meeting challenging demands of the market.